Why Violet Affleck Has Everyone Talking? A Look at Ben and Jennifer Garner’s Daughter

Why Violet Affleck Has Everyone Talking? A Look at Ben and Jennifer Garner’s Daughter

Celebrity fans had a reason to rejoice this Independence Day as Jennifer Garner and her daughter, Violet Affleck, stepped out for a star-studded 4th of July celebration. It’s become increasingly clear 17-year-old Violet is the spitting image of her mom, and their eventful outing proved just that!

Everyone in attendance was taken aback by the teen’s remarkable resemblance to her mother, down to the dimples on each side of her glowing smile. From the shocking facial similarities to her svelte figure, it’s no surprise Garner’s pride and joy has been taking the internet by storm lately. We can’t help but to marvel over the striking familial resemblance between Violet and Jeannie Garner!

Jennifer Garner was spotted out with his 17-year-old daughter, Violet, at a recent celebration. Fans were quick to notice that she has grown into a stunning young lady – standing almost as tall as her father in an elegant white dress and matching with father’s white suit. It’s clear that Violet is the apple of their eyes, especially as she seemed to have settled so well amongst JLo and the twins.

Violet is the eldest of Garner’s three kids, with Seraphina (14) and Samuel (11) following behind her. She has always kept a low profile during her teenage years, not having any social media accounts, but clearly she’s inherited her mom’s looks! Both had the same hair colour, similar facial features, and now share almost the same height as Violet grows into womanhood.

Recent speculation about her relationship with her father and JLo- it’s lovely to see them all together enjoying each other’s company and celebrating such an important milestone for Violet.

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