When will “r/Place” return to Reddit? Explore its mysterious second run now!
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When will “r/Place” return to Reddit? Explore its mysterious second run now!


Enthusiastic fans of r/Place are eagerly awaiting the potential return of the beloved subreddit this year, reminiscent of the pixelated glory witnessed during 2022. For those unfamiliar, r/Place is a unique social experiment hosted by Reddit, where users collaborate and compete on an online canvas.

The experiment first took shape on April 1, 2017, allowing registered users to modify the canvas by altering the color of a single pixel from a 16-color palette. However, to maintain order, a timer imposed time restrictions, preventing users from making color changes too frequently.

Josh Wardle’s ingenious creation, the r/Place experiment, captivated the attention of millions of users during its original run, culminating after an eventful 72 hours on April 3, 2021. A successful return followed on April 1, 2022, captivating the Reddit community with the creative approach of user xQc.

As the year progresses, fans now eagerly speculate whether Reddit will officially announce the revival of r/Place for 2023. Their wishes have been granted, as Reddit has confirmed that r/Place will indeed return on Thursday, July 20, and it is already live.

Despite the excitement surrounding its comeback, some users have raised concerns about Reddit’s API pricing, leading to the shutdown of certain third-party apps. Additionally, users have expressed discontent over the platform’s decision to terminate all chat history before 2023, catching them off guard along with the discontinuation of the current Reddit Gold system.

The announcement of r/Place’s return has sparked a plethora of user grievances, with many succinctly expressing their frustrations with “API.” One user’s pointed comment directly addresses Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, using his username “spez.”

In a possible hint at the delays faced, Reddit’s tagline for this year’s r/Place, “Right place, wrong time,” adds an intriguing twist. Initially planned for an April debut, the subreddit saw multiple postponements, ultimately launching on July 20.

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