Former Vogue Editor’s Harsh Words for Royal Princess Kate Middleton
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Former Vogue Editor’s Harsh Words for Royal Princess Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton, widely admired for her impeccable fashion sense, has come under scrutiny from former Vogue editor Suzy Menkes regarding her approach to jewelry. The candid assessment was revealed during an engaging discussion on the Creative Conversations podcast, where Suzy invited Carol Woolton to dissect Kate’s style choices.

Drawing parallels between Kate, the esteemed Queen Consort, and the beloved Princess of Wales, Woolton hinted at a lack of fervor in Kate’s attitude towards the splendid collection of jewels available to her, especially when compared to her mother-in-law, Camilla.

Suzy Menkes did not hold back her disappointment, stating, “The Princess of Wales doesn’t seem to fully embrace the allure of jewelry. It’s almost as if she puts it on reluctantly when required. One can’t help but imagine her donning those exquisite gowns in private, only to subtly convey a reluctance, as if silently asking, ‘Do I really have to wear this?'” The former jewelry editor emphasized that Kate falls short in exuding the adoration and joy one would expect from someone adorning themselves with such precious treasures.

In contrast, Suzy showered praise on Camilla’s genuine affinity for jewelry, citing a recent visit to the Monica Vinader headquarters as a testament to her unfeigned interest.

Speculating on whether Kate’s perspective on jewelry might shift once she ascends to the role of Queen, Suzy wondered aloud, “Now that we have a new Queen in place, Kate has a unique opportunity to reassess and perhaps redefine her relationship with these regal jewels. Will we witness her embracing more dramatic and personalized pieces? Only time will tell. When it comes to matters of beauty, it often boils down to a matter of personal connection.”

Suzy also raised questions about Kate’s reluctance to disclose the origins of certain jewels, noting, “The shroud of mystery surrounding their provenance is intriguing. While one can understand the discretion given their historical context, some pieces are believed to have origins in India.”

Clarifying her viewpoint, Suzy added, “I’m not implying that these jewels were stolen, but historical records suggest that some were acquired during a time of British colonial expansion. They were considered alluring tokens to bring back to England.”

As Kate Middleton continues to navigate her role within the royal family and the scrutiny of fashion enthusiasts, opinions remain diverse regarding her stance on jewelry and its significance in her life. The unfolding chapters of her journey may unveil whether she forges a deeper connection with these precious adornments.

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