Everton’s Dele Alli Reveals He Nearly Quit Football at 24 Due to Sleeping Pills Addiction

Everton’s Dele Alli Reveals He Nearly Quit Football at 24 Due to Sleeping Pills Addiction


Dele Alli, the midfielder for Everton, has bravely revealed his recent six-week stint in rehab to address his addiction to sleeping pills. Speaking in an interview with Gary Neville on “The Overlap,” the 27-year-old footballer shed light on the pervasive issue of sleeping pill addiction in the sport. Alli disclosed that he felt it was the right time to share his story, although it was difficult for him to talk about the recent struggles he had concealed for so long.

After returning from a loan spell in Turkey, Alli received news that he required surgery, which exacerbated his mental state. It was during this challenging period that he recognized his addiction to sleeping pills. In a remarkable act of self-awareness and determination, Alli chose to seek help at a modern rehab facility specializing in addiction, mental health, and trauma. Overcoming the stigma associated with rehab, he acknowledged that making the decision to enter treatment is deeply personal and must come from within. Alli candidly admitted to being caught in a harmful cycle, relying on substances that were ultimately detrimental to his well-being. He woke up each day, donning a smile, and pushing through his training sessions, determined to project an image of happiness. However, behind the scenes, he grappled with personal struggles that he had long kept hidden.

Alli acknowledged the stigma surrounding addiction and the reluctance of individuals to seek help. Nevertheless, his experience in rehab proved to be a transformative journey that he could never have anticipated. Although initially fearful, Alli discovered immense personal growth during his time in rehab. He confronted the deep-seated emotions that had slowed his progress and let go of the burdens he had carried. Alli recognized that many factors beyond his control had shaped his journey, and understanding these experiences helped him find peace and move forward.

In addition to his addiction battle, Alli opened up about his mental health struggles and the difficulties he encountered throughout his life. He spoke about a profoundly challenging period during his tenure with Tottenham, particularly under the management of Jose Mourinho. At just 24 years old, Alli faced a heartbreaking moment when he contemplated retiring from the sport he loved due to being dropped by Mourinho. This deeply affected him, raising questions about his future and causing him significant emotional pain.

Alli also addressed Mourinho’s public portrayal of him as “lazy” in an Amazon documentary. While Mourinho privately apologized to Alli for his comments after witnessing his dedication in training and matches, this apology was not shown in the program. Alli expressed his disappointment regarding the one-sided depiction and the tendency to judge individuals based on selective portrayals. He emphasized the discrepancy between public perception and his true work ethic, underscoring the detrimental impact of social media and its ability to distort reality.

Throughout the interview, Alli’s sincerity and willingness to share his personal struggles were evident. By shedding light on his own challenges, he aimed to help others facing similar issues, encouraging them to seek support and find solace in their journeys. Alli’s candidness exemplified the complexities of mental health and addiction, inspiring others to confront their own obstacles and pursue the path to recovery.

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