Dramatic Standoff: Worcester Police Lockdown Colby Avenue Home After 2 Shot
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Dramatic Standoff: Worcester Police Lockdown Colby Avenue Home After 2 Shot

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A tense standoff situation has developed on Colby Avenue as Worcester Police engage with a man suspected of shooting two family members earlier this morning. Responding promptly to the distress call, officers arrived at the scene shortly after 8 a.m. The two victims, identified only as a male and a female, were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital with injuries believed to be non-life-threatening, according to police.

Efforts to apprehend the 21-year-old suspect were met with resistance as he managed to elude capture. “During their attempt to take him into custody, he discharged rounds at the officers, fortunately without causing any injuries. At that point, he retreated back inside the residence,” informed Worcester Police Lt. Sean Murtha during a press conference.

The identity of the suspect remains undisclosed, and it is believed that he is still inside the house, surrounded by law enforcement personnel. Negotiators and a mental health clinician have been summoned to assist in the resolution of the situation.

Establishing communication with the suspect is a top priority for the authorities. “Attempting to make contact is a priority. We have potential phone numbers to call, and we have various methods to establish communication. In situations like this, time is generally on our side. We aim to slow down the pace and ensure a peaceful resolution,” emphasized Murtha.

As a precautionary measure, Trinity Avenue, which connects to Colby Avenue, has been closed, and the city has utilized a reverse 911 system to inform nearby residents. The public is advised to avoid the area.

For over two hours, law enforcement officers have been diligently attempting to make contact with the suspect. Drones are being employed to monitor the residence and prevent any potential escape.

Murtha stated that the suspect is not known to the police and is not someone they regularly encounter. “He is not a familiar face to us,” Murtha added.

Abdul Bilal, a resident of Trinity Avenue, expressed his astonishment at the unfolding events. “I’ve been living here for about two years, and I have never witnessed anything like this. The sight of numerous police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances is quite unsettling,” Bilal shared with WBZ-TV.

Further information regarding the investigation is not currently available. The authorities are committed to achieving a peaceful resolution to the ongoing standoff.

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