Denny Hamlin Triumph at Pocono Raceway Draws Largest NASCAR Audience in Over a Decade
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Denny Hamlin Triumph at Pocono Raceway Draws Largest NASCAR Audience in Over a Decade


Denny Hamlin’s moment of triumph at Pocono Raceway was overshadowed by a chorus of boos from the packed crowd. Unhappy with his aggressive move that resulted in Kyle Larson’s car colliding with the wall in the final laps, the spectators expressed their discontent.

Pocono Raceway witnessed a historic moment as the NASCAR race sold out, boasting its largest attendance since 2010. The surge in numbers was attributed to a variety of factors, including the track’s decision to reduce one race weekend and introduce several fan-friendly upgrades, elevating the overall racing experience for attendees.

According to Pocono President Ben May, the track managed to sell approximately 50,000 grandstand tickets and 3,300 camping spots, creating an electrifying atmosphere with no room for additional spectators or vehicles.

To cater to the enthusiastic crowd, Pocono underwent significant changes, including the demolition of the old victory tower and the addition of new viewing decks, food trucks, and enhanced fan access for driver introductions. The revamped facilities allowed fans to witness the thrilling action at the start/finish line from vantage points that were packed with supporters standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

As one of the few tracks not owned by NASCAR or Speedway Motorsports, Pocono’s recent makeover aimed to solidify its position on the NASCAR schedule. Historically known for hosting two 500-mile races separated by six weeks during the summer, Pocono experienced a change when it lost a race weekend in 2022.

Pocono’s legacy remains intertwined with the Mattioli family, with founder Joseph Mattioli’s grandson, Nick Igdalsky, steering the track as the Pocono CEO. With a sense of pride and dedication, Igdalsky and his team have consistently invested in the facility, ensuring a remarkable experience for race enthusiasts.

As plans for the next phase of improvements await the new TV deal’s signing, Pocono’s significance on the NASCAR circuit remains a topic of paramount importance. May expressed confidence in the track’s rightful place and unwavering commitment to delivering unforgettable racing events.

Despite the mixed reception, Denny Hamlin acknowledged the excitement of a jam-packed raceway, with the stands, infield, and campground teeming with fervent fans. He lauded the remarkable job done by Nick Igdalsky and his team, expressing his hopes for the event to return to Pocono, creating more memorable racing moments in the future.

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