Curious Deer Captured Roaming Hospital’s Maternity Ward

Curious Deer Captured Roaming Hospital’s Maternity Ward


A lighthearted and unexpected event unfolded at Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital when two curious deer strolled into the maternity ward, sparking laughter among onlookers. The incident occurred during the early hours of Monday when the playful animals managed to slip through an open back door.

The University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust confirmed the enchanting escapade, revealing that hospital staff gently guided the deer out of the Level 5 corridor after a brief three-minute exploration. The area was promptly sanitized by diligent cleaning teams, ensuring no interference with clinical spaces or contact with patients.

A video capturing this endearing encounter swiftly went viral on social media, captivating the hearts of numerous viewers. Enthusiastic netizens shared light-hearted comments, playfully speculating about the deer’s potential roles at the hospital and even joking about their possible holiday plans.

While deer sightings are not uncommon in the south-west region, the hospital administration emphasized the importance of keeping doors securely closed and refraining from feeding the wild animals to maintain a serene hospital environment. As a precautionary measure, security patrols will be heightened, and the entrance point will be closely monitored to prevent any future playful visits from the adorable deer.

As Derriford Hospital continues to provide exceptional care for its patients, this heartwarming incident serves as a delightful reminder of the joy and wonder that unexpected encounters can bring within the hospital’s bustling corridors.

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