“China Flexes Military Might as US Official Visits Beijing: Warships and Jets Deployed Near Taiwan”
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“China Flexes Military Might as US Official Visits Beijing: Warships and Jets Deployed Near Taiwan”


China Deploys Warships and Fighter Planes near Taiwan During US Treasury Secretary’s Visit, Straining Relations

Strained relations between China and the United States intensified as China sent warships and fighter planes in close proximity to Taiwan during the visit of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to Beijing. Taiwan’s defense ministry closely monitored the situation, which involved 13 aircraft and six vessels, while their land-based missile systems remained ready for a potential response.

The tension escalated when four aircraft, including two SU-30 jet fighters, crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait, serving as a de-facto border between China and Taiwan. China claims Taiwan as its own territory and consistently conducts air and naval missions in the region.

The United States’ unwavering support for Taiwan, a self-governing republic that emerged after the Chinese civil war in 1949, remains a significant obstacle in the relationship between Washington and Beijing. Adding to the strained atmosphere, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the People’s Liberation Army’s headquarters in eastern China, directly facing Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait. State media reported that President Xi emphasized the need to strengthen war preparedness and enhance combat capabilities during his address to commanders.

China strongly opposes US military support for Taiwan and recently criticized an upcoming $440 million sale of cannon shells and other equipment, accusing Washington of turning Taiwan into a potential hotspot and escalating tensions.

Secretary Yellen’s visit does not include a meeting with President Xi, but she underscored the importance of fair competition and open communication between the two largest economies in the world. During her discussions with top Chinese officials, Yellen acknowledged that despite recent tensions, the record-breaking two-way trade from the previous year indicates significant potential for trade and investment.

Yellen reiterated that the United States does not seek to gain economic advantages or adopt a winner-takes-all approach in its relations with China. Instead, she advocated for a fair set of rules that would mutually benefit both countries. Yellen urged China to avoid misunderstandings stemming from a lack of communication, which could unnecessarily exacerbate their bilateral economic and financial relationship.

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