Catastrophic Tucson Power Outage: Thousands Impacted. Get the Latest Updates Here

Catastrophic Tucson Power Outage: Thousands Impacted. Get the Latest Updates Here

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Tucson Electric Power (TEP) finds itself grappling with a significant disruption that has left a considerable number of residents without power. The outage commenced promptly at midnight on Monday, July 17, catching customers unaware and shrouding their homes and businesses in darkness. The cause of this unfortunate incident is currently under investigation, as TEP diligently works to identify the root cause and rectify the situation promptly. Typically, similar disruptions are resolved within a span of two hours, and TEP aims to adhere to this timeframe while restoring power to the affected customers.

The brunt of the power outage has been felt in Tucson’s east side and the Foothills area, where over 10,000 residents are enduring the inconvenience of living without electricity. This disruption stems from a potent storm that ravaged Tucson during the late afternoon hours on Monday, wreaking havoc on the affected areas. The outage encompasses a significant portion, stretching from Fort Lowell and Swan North to East Skyline Drive in the Foothills, with concentrated outages occurring between Kolb and Camino Seco. The affected region spans from 22nd Street in the south to Speedway in the north, encompassing Tucson’s east side.

In addition to these substantial outages, smaller pockets of disruptions have been reported in other parts of Tucson. These include areas situated east of Pantano and south of Golf Links, as well as the vicinity of Speedway and Craycroft. Although these outages impact a relatively smaller number of individuals, they are still of significant concern to those affected.

TEP is sparing no effort to address the outages and expedite the restoration of power to the affected customers. The utility company’s dedicated team is working tirelessly to identify and resolve the underlying issues. The impacted community eagerly awaits the restoration of electricity and the return to normalcy.

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