Amber Alert, Search On For Missing 3-Year-Old: “Vanished Without a Trace” After Two Weeks
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Amber Alert, Search On For Missing 3-Year-Old: “Vanished Without a Trace” After Two Weeks

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The Mint Hill Police Department has initiated an urgent Amber Alert for 3-year-old Adalyn Mae Hochstetler, who has been reported missing. Adalyn, a young child with brown hair and brown eyes, stands at 3 feet tall and weighs approximately 30 pounds. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a jean skirt and a pink shirt.

Authorities suspect that Adalyn is currently with her mother, Kelsi Lyn Hochstetler, described as a 30-year-old woman measuring 5 feet 4 inches in height, with brown hair and brown eyes. The father of the missing girl contacted the police on Thursday to report her absence. He revealed that he is separated from Kelsi Hochstetler and had scheduled to see Adalyn on June 19. However, she never arrived, and the last contact he had with Kelsi was on the same day. The father also mentioned that the last time he saw Adalyn was on June 11.

Upon visiting Kelsi Hochstetler’s residence, the police were unable to locate her. Further investigation revealed that none of her family members have had any communication with her for nearly two weeks. Authorities believe that Hochstetler may be evading the law due to pending court hearings related to child custody matters.

Kelsi Lyn Hochstetler was last sighted on Dan Hood Road in Mint Hill, possibly driving a 2019 Black Kia Optima LX displaying the North Carolina license plate “FFF3959.” Police have reason to believe that she may be en route to Delaware to meet someone she is involved with romantically.

The Mint Hill Police Department is urgently urging anyone with information regarding Adalyn’s whereabouts to contact them at 704-889-2231 or call 911. Timely cooperation from the public is crucial in locating the missing child and ensuring her safety.

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